3 Most Popular Game Room Games

Ping Pong

Also referred to as Table Tennis, Ping Pong is one of the most commonly found games in the home game or otherwise called, recreational rooms or rec rooms. Game Table Review is a great place to look. Any person of any age group can play Ping Pong. A straightforward game to get started with, it is highly entertaining and fast-paced with easy-to-follow rules. The table usually has 9’x5′ dimensions, and so requires a minimum room size of 16′ x 10′. Although it requires the players to have a bit of practice and skill to become good at it, the appeal of Ping Pong is how readily accessible and easy it is to learn. It involves the Ping Pong is an excellent choice for home game rooms because of its ability to involve up to 4 players while playing doubles. If you have the proper room space and want to bring a bit of a competitive edge to your game room, a Ping Pong table is a sure welcome addition that will bring a large amount of fun.

Ping Pong


A Pool table is a fantastic choice to bring a cosy pub vibe to a home game room. They can come in a wide variety of sizes, and most likely fit in all game rooms. If you have a smaller game room, you have the option to choose a smaller table to keep things comfortable inside the room. Generally, the size of the table is between 7 to 11 feet, and if that is so, a minimum of 12′ x 10′ dimensions are required. You can also mix things up and buy a Snooker or Bumper Pool table if you feel extra exotic. In addition to the wide range of size options, Pool tables also offer the opportunity for dozens of billiard games that can be enjoyed. You will not be limiting yourself to just 8-Ball with a pool table. Games such as Chicago, 9-Ball, One Pocket, 15-Ball, Bank Pool, Cutthroat Pool, and many more can be played on such tables. Pool tables also bring a lot of versatility and the possibility for endless fun to any home game room. It is, however, recommended for adults because it has a higher learning curve.


A dartboard will bring a large amount of variety to your home game room just like a pool table. Since all you need is a board and some darts, it takes up very little space inside the game room. There are a large number of dart games that can be enjoyed with just a single dartboard and darts. Additionally, you will get the chance to include far more friends and family in on the action at the same time. There are traditional fibre sisal dartboards, wooden dartboards, cork dartboards, and even plastic dart boards with electronic chips installed in them. This ensures that you add a wide range of games to not only your room but also a wide variety of styles without taking up too much space.